Friday, January 1, 2010

Starting the New Year

The new year brings opportunities for cleaning out the cobwebs and starting fresh. I have often thought that my mind felt like it was filled with cobwebs before living a gluten-free life. I felt like I couldn't think clearly or see the world as clear as I now can. It was as if I lived in a hazy fog. Everyday took so much energy to just get through the day, let alone enjoy it.

I have once again been reminded of that feeling as I spent the holidays with a family member. She was diagnosed with a gluten allergy just after Thanksgiving. I had already given her my cookbook, so she at least had somewhere to start. She immediately took on the challenge during such a difficult time of year. Her body has completely transformed in just these few weeks. Her headaches and rashes are gone. Her skin is shiny,clear and glowing. She wakes up so much happier and excited about her day. She doesn't have any of the food cravings that she used to. She has even started to loose weight, which she has struggled with for years. She said it was so much easier than she thought it would be. She is so happy that she was almost giddy as we talked about the changes that have happened. The cobwebs have definitely been swept out! She is a completely different person and is going to have a fantastic new year!

Wether you have just learned that you have a gluten intollerance or had a hard time following a gluten-free diet during the holidays, this is your time to clear out the cobwebs. I wish you all a fresh, clean and healthy start to the new year.

Now go get busy sweeping out those cobwebs!

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